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Our clients include some of the best-known names in the industry, as well as individually owned and operated companies.

Moda Management has the competence and capacity to work with new and established, businesses across most sectors of the industry.

Management Consulting
Consulting services help our clients to achieve a broad range of goals. Examples of services include:
  • Operational, financial and strategic reviews.
  • Review of environmentally sound development master plans.
  • Concept development and planning for hotels, resorts, restaurants and vacation ownership properties.
  • Development and production of operating standards manuals.
  • Quality audits.
  • Vocational training and education centre planning and development.
  • Marketing strategy & planning.
  • Tourism planning and development.
  • Project management.
  • Development consulting.
  • 'Interim' management.
  • Human resources management systems.
Our network of industry experts can usually be mobilised at short notice, either individually or in project teams.

  • Moda Management is hired to a Management and/or Technical Services Agreement for the project – new build, existing or distressed.
  • The development team is selected - consisting of developer, architect, engineers, interior designer, lawyers, landscape architect, management company/consultant, and others significant to the project. - and meets as a group to discuss the vision, the marketplace and the financial parameters.
  • Moda is best used in a new build project, as part of the pre-planning process where some eighteen months or more before the opening, there is a hotel/resort pre-opening plan and budget that is supervised and controlled by Moda Management, from the hiring of the general manager and sales team, to the execution of a pre-opening sales & marketing and operations plan.
  • Moda is experienced in leading the whole development team, or precise aspects of the development – whichever suits the owners needs.
  • Moda will ensure your project is built to operate efficiently for its end use – as a hotel, a resort, or a condo hotel/resort to the budget laid down.
  • Upon completion of construction, Moda or the selected operator begins operation of the hotel/resort.
Our philosophy for hotel operations management is based on consistent delivery of services to an agreed standard, under the banner of HWWT - How We Work Together.

That approach develops into a flexible hotel operating system.

The keys to our success include:
  • Leaders who think and act like hotel owners.
  • Recognition programmes based on improved profitability and cash flow.
  • A continuing focus on process improvement, innovation and creativity.
  • Comprehensive daily training programmes.
  • Quality improvement programmes developed by industry professionals with hands-on experience.
  • An enthused and motivated operating team with a proven track record in revenue enhancement and profitability.
A key element of Moda Hotel & Resort Management’s operating standards is a pragmatic system of financial accountability for hotels designed to increase transparency and improve profitability. The keys to our success include:
  • Standard Accounting Operating Procedures which follow the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels and the “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” (GAAP), to ensure effective internal controls.
  • Forecasting models, daily reports and regular internal audits that provide management with the information needed to respond quickly to changes in the business environment.
Marketing and Sales
Moda Hotel & Resort Management works closely with our clients to create an effective sales and marketing strategy. The strategy includes:
  • A sales and marketing plan that would identify the property’s concept, market positioning, brand platform and competitive set.
  • Revenue management reviews with the team to determine the most effective demand and pricing strategies.
  • Establishing a cooperative effort between the management team, sales and marketing representatives and public relations so that brand awareness is created.
Human Resources
If the key to success is the guest experience, then people are the most valuable asset the property possesses.
  • Moda Hotel & Resort Management has built a culture defined by our greatest asset: our colleagues. HWWT defines who we are and why, outlining a practical belief system that permeates the organization and creates team and colleague relationships that produce better results than the competition.
  • Moda Hotel & Resort Management is driven by a human resource culture focused on service excellence. Team members are trained to value dealing with people, as well as focusing on relationships with our customers and with each other. Warmth, loyalty, recognition, integrity and enjoyment are key concepts. The benefits are low turnover rates and improved efficiencies and profits, with a happy and motivated team.

  • Professional and Management Development
    • Much of our consulting work is focused on the people dimensions of business. We provide an integrated approach to the research, design and delivery of a wide range of people-centred solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic and financial goals.
    • Our enthusiastic, committed teams of specialists are able to design leading edge training & education programmes for delivery in the workplace, in workshop settings or through distance learning.
    • Disciplines range from general management, supervision, team building and quality management to those specific to the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors, such as rooms division, maintenance, spa, food & beverage, finance and sales & marketing.

  • Development Training for Operational Personnel
    • Moda Hotel & Resort Management has an operating philosophy and procedure that maximises the output of their client’s workforce. Recognising the vital role that front line personnel play in shaping the customer experience, we have developed a range of craft and entry level programmes. These can be implemented for example during hotel openings for basic training as well as skills upgrading for existing members of staff.
    • This purpose is achieved comprehensively through HWWT - How We Work Together. This system is decent, regular and practical.
It operates through:
  • A clear focus on functional leadership.
  • Regular briefing of information to all employees about everything that affects their work.
  • Efficient human resource documentation.
  • Meticulous selection of personnel.
  • Careful, preliminary and continuous training.
  • Practical, regular, performance measurement, and
  • Promotion, wherever appropriate, from within.
This approach, carried out respectfully, allows decisions to be taken safely by all employees, at their level, close to where the work is done. Our portfolio includes customer relations, self development as well as skill development in all key areas.
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Moda Hotel & Resort Management Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Reg No. 6848306
Registered Office: The Moda House, 1 High Street, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol BS37 6BA
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